The power of unity

Unity’s Prayer

There is only One Presence and One Power in my life, and in the Universe – God the good, Omnipotent, in which we live and move and have our being.

“Unity’s Vision Statement”

“Transforming lives through an awareness of God”.

 Unity’s Mission Statement

“Unity is a way of life based on Christian principles that works in all situations and teaches “how to think”, not “what to think”, giving people the opportunity to follow their own spiritual path in a loving, accepting and nurturing environment”.

Unity’s Expansion Statement

United in the Christ consciousness, God’s perfect plan for Unity and Silent Unity’s expansion in New Zealand is now manifesting through us all.  For this we give thanks, Amen.

Unity’s Statement for Peace

Peace on earth

Peace on earth

Unity stands for peace in the presence of conflict; for love in the presence of hatred; for forgiveness in the presence of injury.
Unity honours the many names for God, the many paths to God, the many ways to worship God; for there is one power and presence of God, and that God loves each one of us equally.

Unity Stands for Peace in Our Lifetime

It is therefore the position of Unity to urge all nations, their leaders, and their people to turn to God by whatever the name for guidance during these challenging times and to pursue peace, not war, for this is what honours the God of all our faith traditions.

Joint statement adopted by the Association of Unity Churches International, Unity School of Christianity USA and worldwide.


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– Spiritual support through Silent Unity Prayer Ministry.

– Opportunity to study, discover and live your inner truth in a safe and loving community.

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