Minister’s Message



give-thanksThis year has passed very quickly with rapid changes that presented each of us opportunities to practice Unity’s practical life transforming principles moment by moment leading us to “Live in the Now” in order to become fully aware of who we truly are as “a child of God”. This is to know that we have the power to choose to change a reaction into a response for the good of all. In the midst of all our experiences, it is uplifting to see each situation as a Divine appointment”, and turn our thoughts to God knowing that the good in each situation if not evident now, will be revealed as we give thanks that God is present.

                  “Thanksgiving will keep the heart fresh; for true thanksgiving may be likened to rain                                                       falling upon ready soil, refreshing it and increasing its productiveness.                                                                    ” Quote: Charles Fillmore -Co-founder of Unity

The words Unity’s Cofounder’s Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, remind us of the upliftinlove-giveg power that is released as we give thanks.

Unity teaches the power of the spoken word, and how words carry with them a vibration that either uplifts or limits us. To give thanks when experiencing joy and harmony, is natural to us.

We probably would all agree that it is much more challenging to give thanks in the face of any appearances of lack in our lives. A heartfelt “Thank You God” uplifts our mind and heart to see God (good) in the midst of all situations. To Thank God is to Love God.

The truth is – whatever is taking place, we can choose to be thankful in the moment.

The outcome of heartfelt praise and gratitude aligns us immediately to a higher awareness of our Christ nature, where we are guided to love and appreciate ourselves and others, in the same manner that – “God, as Divine Love,” loves us all. As the Christmas season approaches, we can choose not to let the busyness of outer activities limit our gratitude and joy. We can choose to give thanks in all situations, transforming any feelings of rush and bustle, while knowing in our minds hearts that the true spirit of Christmas is to give thanks for the most powerful gift the “Christ Light Within” and to see the Christ in others.

Choose now to develop your true Christmas Spirit. Begin to prepare your mind and heart to receive your highest good by affirming the following affirmation often each day.

“I  give thanks to God for the gift of the Christ within me now expressing through me, as love, peace, and joy, blessing me and my world beyond measure. Amen.”

In closing, I wish to express my love and appreciation to Unity Trust Board Members, and our Unity and Silent Unity community for your love and support.

all-hearts-come-home-for-christmasMay your Christmas season be a time of love and joy for your and your loved ones, and may the New Year bring forth your greatest good.

In the Love and Light of Christ.