Minister’s Message

“IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.” Acts 17:28 As we move towards celebrating Unity’s 50 years in New Zealand. I am reminded of the steadfast faith of our co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. As a loving tribute to them- I share with you the FAITH OF THE FILLMORES – quoted from the book –”The Story of Unity.” Charles & Myrtle Fillmore followed the “VISIONARY GLEAM.

They were pioneers of mind and spirit. They were never limited by  concepts about life, but were always striking out into the NEW!  They were people with the courage to “STEP OUT IN FAITH.” Jesus said Do not “Judge according to appearances.” Charles & Myrtle took Him at His word. Appearances might say -“You cannot do it.”

But Charles and Myrtle Fillmore did not believe in appearances. If you need something said Mr. Fillmore—   “GO AHEAD AND GET IT. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.” 

They practiced the joy of Abundant Living,  trusting in God as Source of All Good!” They demonstrated the importance of prayer. They focused their faith by visualizing the good they desired, practicing the power of the spoken word through affirmative prayer. They rejoiced in the law of increase and right action believing in the words- “GIVE AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU.” Luke 6:38  They knew the value of aligning both mind and heart on God ( good) in an  attitude of gratitude by having faith in the words of truth—



As we gather on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th August 50 years of Unity & Silent Unity in New Zealand, with gratitude and love, we will remember and honour, our Co-founders, and all who have served Unity over the years and those who now serve. We will also celebrate the Practical Principles of Unity that offer us all

“A Spiritual Path for Positive Living.”

 We are very blessed to have Rev. Gary Canier joining us again as our 50 Year Celebration Guest Speaker sharing his passion of Unity teachings.

                                           So let us celebrate  by joining together in faith and thanksgiving to hold a                                                                 “Visionary Gleam” for greater things  to come forth our lives, our world, and for Unity and                                  Silent Unity in New Zealand. I look forward to sharing with you as we

                      “Celebrate God In Us All, by affirming -The Christ in Me greets the Christ in You.                                                                                                                In Oneness, Rhonda