Minister’s Message

1 Corinthians 14:23 (NKJV)
Living in today’s world of constant change  is urging us  all to take a step in faith as never before. To face our perceived shortcomings, acknowledge them, consciously choose to let them go, and then to take a firm hold of the truth that sets us free, which is– God is Love and has created each of us in Love.
Love, Praise and Gratitude are keys for transforming our minds
to a higher consciousness of God.
God, our Creator has given us the inward path to seek, find, and express the
truth of our being through our Christ nature.
It has been said that it is not enough to
“Know the Truth, we must live the Truth.
It takes “Active Faith” to move from knowing
to living from the “Christ within.”
“Faith in Action”- means to know and feel the presence and power of God as a constant presence guiding us at all times
Faith is the magnetic power that knows and trusts In the invisible substance of God as –
Divine Love Everywhere Present.”
”Faith in Action” lifts our minds and opens our eyes to
see past the outer appearances, to seek the good in ourselves, others,
and all situations, and give thanks before we see the outer evidence.
Prayer illuminates our path and strengthens our faith.
Through daily prayer we activate our faith, we experience joy, inspiring us move through
our daily lives expressing love and peace.
Turning within daily to rest in the Silence, we are open to God’s wisdom.
We expand and develop our inner listening and begin to live in faith from the power
of the Christ in new and fulfilling ways.
Collective affirmative prayer also has the power to transform not only
our lives but also our world.
Unity’s Prayer for Protection is prayed daily all around the world.
The Light of God surrounds us; The Love of God enfolds us;
The Power of God protects us;  The presence of God watches over us,
Wherever We are God Is !  Amen.
Let us affirm this Prayer, in faith and love, and gratitude for God’s Love flowing within us
and everywhere present. Let us not only know the truth, but feel Divine Love and peace uniting us in a higher consciousness with thousands of other Prayer Partners all around the world for the
greater good of all.
In loving Service Rhonda