Minister’s Message



I wish to thank the Unity Trust Board members and volunteers for their dedication, time and effort given to making Unity’s 50 year  Celebration such a successful occasion, and to all who attended.

How fortunate we are to have Overseas Unity Ministers visiting us.

How wonderful it was to see old friends in Unity at our 50 Year Celebration. We were very blessed to have Rev. Gary Canier from Unity of Maui Hawaii as our Guest speaker and were uplifted by his talk and Vision Workshop. It was also great to have  Rev. Anne Hickey and her husband Joel with us.

We enjoyed their return visit, welcoming Rev. Anne as our Sunday Guest Speaker and Workshop Facilitator.

As a Unity community, we also give thanks to God for divine outworking as we hold firm in faith to our collective Vision for Unity’s new beginnings in 2018.

In Unity and like minded teachings, we know and appreciate   that the power of giving thanks keeps us centered open and receptive to divine guidance as we continue to process inner transformation while experiencing rapid changes in our outer world. By choosing to  affirm these powerful words-

That which needs to be revealed in me and in the world, is now being revealed and healed for the highest good of all  we let go of that which no longer serves our highest good, and open our mind and heart to accept—”God’s Indescribable Gift To Us All  –  ”The  Chris Light Within.”


As we enter the season of Advent  and Christmas, let us take the meaning of Christmas,  into our hearts as the birthing and expansion of our own Spiritual Nature,  by affirming.

I am willing to accept and express more of the indescribable gifts of my Christ   Light in my daily life.” “I am willing to express more of my Christ Light to those around me in joyous and peace filled ways . I am willing to become the change I desire to see in my world.”

So let the power of Joy and gratitude keep our minds and hearts fresh and open to God’s love , and share this love with others. In closing, I wish you all a peace and joy filled Christmas and  prosperous  2018.

In loving service,  Rhonda