Dear Unity Members and Newsletter Friends,

We are delighted to be welcoming Rev. Gary Canier who arrives late Wednesday 23rd August. We also look forward to welcoming Licensed Unity Minster Rev. Anne Hickey and her husband Joel from Unity in Australia who are joining us for our 50 year Celebration.  e look forward to Rev Anne’s visit again in September as our Guest Speaker and Workshop Facilitator.  For full details of the 50 year celebration activities- see Page 3 Trust Board Announcements:

At our AGM Sunday 28th May, with the Trust Boards support, Rev. Rhonda shared with Members that she will be officially retiring at the end of 2017 as Minister for Unity in Auckland. Trust Board members are grateful that Rev. Rhonda  continues to serve three days a week in the Office, over viewing Board matters, assisting the Board as we pursue our vision to have an Ordained  or Licensed Unity Minister to serve Unity in Auckland.  Rhonda is assisted in the work of Silent Unity and Daily Word by Moya Finer our Office assistant.

In 2018, Rev. Rhonda will continue as Director of Silent Unity & Daily Word in NZ and serve as a Trust Board Member.

Since the AGM, due to a need to focus on her SEE courses, Linda-Lucy Haines has resigned as a Trust Board member, and also of late, as our weekly Volunteer Sunday Service speaker. We are thankful to Linda-Lucy for her time of serving Unity and continue to support her  SEE study programme, and wish her every success towards becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher . We look forward to a variety of Sunday Speakers and Linda-Lucy’s offer to speak occasionally. Rev. Rhonda will be our Speaker on Sunday 3rd September.

In our plans to expand Unity, there will be an opportunity for Unity Community members to participate in an Expansion Meeting scheduled after the Sunday service Sunday 1st October. We very much value and welcome members input and ideas at all times.

On behalf of the Board Members, we look forward to meeting and greeting many Unity friends as we honour Unity’s 50 years in  New Zealand, and celebrate the new path ahead for Unity in Auckland. In loving service Lawrence Chapman– Chairperson Unity Trust Board.