Inner Peace I relax in the peace of Spirit. Guidance I walk a path of divine light and wisdom. Healing Divine life restores my body to its natural state of wholeness. Prosperity I joyously anticipate new adventures in prosperous living. World Peace I act with reverence for all and contribute peace to the world.


Inner Peace My heart is a sacred space of peace. Guidance          I easily and gracefully express my inner wisdom. Healing I relax into the infinite streams of divine life, and I am healed. Prosperity I am open and receptive to the rich ideas of Spirit. World Peace Peace in the world begins with peace in […]


Inner Peace I am calm, centered and serene. Guidance          Spirit guides me to my highest good. Healing Healing life renews my whole being. Prosperity God is my all.  I am grateful and abundantly blessed. World Peace I live in harmony and envision a world at peace.


Inner Peace I am completely and divinely loved. Guidance God guides me on my unique journey.           Healing I attune to wholeness and express perfect health. Prosperity I am fearlessly and wondrously prosperous.                                     World Peace I nurture peace by loving  myself and others.


Inner Peace I am at peace in the present moment. Guidance I act on divine guidance with confidence and faith.           Healing The light of truth illumines my mind and body.  I am whole and well. Prosperity I embrace abundant living and give thanks.                                     World Peace My thoughts and actions contribute to peace in the world.


Inner Peace I am one with Christ and I am at peace. Guidance I act on my guidance from God.           Healing I am strong, healthy and vigorous. Prosperity Divine ideas prosper and bless me.                                     World Peace My peaceful presence contributes to peace.


Inner Peace I navigate life with ease and grace. Guidance I trust my inner wisdom Healing  I am renewed by the healing power of prayer. Prosperity God is my source for all I need and desire. World Peace I see peace in every heart and in every situation


Inner Peace I am peace within, and I choose peace without. Guidance I turn to God for guidance and understanding. Healing I am healthy  in mind, body and spirit. Prosperity I prosper by seeing and claiming the good. World Peace I open to peace and send love to the world.