“DO GREATER THINGS “ By Felicia Blanco Searcy Cost: $20.00 Do Greater Things puts in clear and compelling terms exactly who Jesus was and what is means to follow his         example. The Author offers nine key spiritual practices– vision faith, prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, humility, community, death and service to help us on our […]


SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER Subscribe now for only $20.00 per year! FOR ORDERING DETAILS :        OR: Phone Unity Office for details (09) 846-1205  GET  INSTANT INSPIRATION on your smart phone,  tablet, and computer. A digital subscription includes: *Daily affirmations of Truth to uplift your life. * Audio message. * Fast and easy […]

Library Corner

BOOK CORNER   “THE DIVINE MATRIX” by Gregg Braden. Cost $17.43 Gregg Braden has been a featured guest at international conferences and has given lectures at Unity Village. In his books he ventures beyond the traditional boundaries of science and spirituality to open the doors to our greatest possibilities. In 1944, Max Plank, the father […]

Unity’s New Library

  Unity Spiritual Centre’s New Library in Auckland is now up and running!! Come along and enjoy our wonderful new Library.  Open during office hours, Tuesday to Thursday 9.30am to 4pm. Calling all Unity Library book borrowers to return any overdue books. We appreciate you taking time to return them either: at our weekly Sunday […]

Library Corner

  BOOK CORNER  “THE QUEST FOR  MEANING “   by Jim Rosemergy   Book Depository $22.89 How many time have you asked yourself, “What does it all mean?” In “The Quest for Meaning,” author Jim Rosemergy an ordained Unity Minister will help you look inside yourself to discover your purpose, add meaning to your life, and […]

Library Corner

 LIBRARY CORNER “AT ZERO” by Joe Vitale  $24.56 Author Joe Vitale’s previous book, “Zero Limits”, presents a unique self-help breakthrough focused on helping over worked overstressed individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. It was the first book to explain how a secret Hawaiian methods called ho’oponopono can help people experience health, wealth, happiness and […]


UNITY NOW OFFERS LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP!!!! In order to maintain and replenish our extensive Library with Unity books and associated Authors, the Library Team invites you to fill in a Library membership form, along with a Love Offering of $10.00 and a Gold Coin Donation when borrowing books. Enjoy books from Unity Authors Charles and Myrtle […]